We did it! Over $10,000 in donations went to The Redwood Empire Food Bank this year from our community of Trotters. Great work everyone!

16th Annual Petaluma Turkey Trot

Thanksgiving Day 2023

People 2019 Turkey Trot

THURSDAY, November 23, 2023 – Start Time: 8:30 AM (Warm up at 8:15 AM)

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Start / Finish Location is 3900 Lakeville Hwy

Kaiser Employee Parking (lot south of buildings)

Trot Info


The 16th Annual Petaluma Turkey Trot is healthy, family-friendly, and fun! No fee, quick registration and photo shares.

All DONATIONS go directly to redwood empire food bank:


Please make a cash donation to the Redwood Empire Food Bank with a simple click during registration.

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Trot History

Our partners are AQUS Community, and the City of Petaluma.

The trot started 17 years ago when founder Mary Dooley was looking for a community run to participate in on Thanksgiving morning. Since no such run was to be found, there was only one choice: start one and design a route that would excite and delight. She invited the whole community to trot around in nature and feel darn good about a calorie burn before the big feast. The Turkey Trot is not just a walk in the park (though walkers are welcome).

The first year a group of 20 runners came out, the next year 30, then 50 trotters. In the year before the pandemic we had 1000 trotters!


4 mile course through the trails at Ellis Creek:


Rules of the Trot

  • Dogs on leash and pick up!
  • Stay on trails.
  • Keep to the right on trails.
  • Carry identification/Include any medical information.
  • Always stay alert and aware of what’s going on around you.
  • Make way for faster Trotters.
  • Bring your own water bottle and water.
  • Do not litter.
  • Follow traffic signals and street signs.



You. It’s just a group run. Be careful and help your fellow trotters. And of course you signed the waiver or you wouldn’t be doing the Petaluma Turkey Trot.

Join our Turkey Shoot 1,2,3!


1) Take a selfie on the trail or a scene of other trotters.

2) Email your Turkey shots to parksnrec@cityofpetaluma.org or FB and IG with @PetalumaParksandRec

3) Share your stats – distance and location and times with a post trot shot @PetalumaParksandRec

Trot Organizers

MAD Architecture, Aqus Community, City of Petaluma/ Parks and Recreation.

Many thanks to our awesome sponsors.