A Celebration of our Rivertown Community

Inaugural Event: Petaluma River Run

May 18, 2024, 8:30 – 11:30 am

8:30 Starting Line @ Steamer Landing Park, 6 Copeland Street, Petaluma

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Come out and enjoy this free fun run and gather in support and celebration of Petaluma’s biggest natural resource, the Petaluma River.

People 2019 Turkey Trot

Parking / Transit Map

People 2019 Turkey Trot

There will not be parking at the Starting Line at Steamer Landing Park. Public parking and transit is located within a short walking distance from the Starting Line. Bicycles are welcome and can be checked at the Starting Line.

• Free Public Parking in C Street Parking Garage between 1st and 2nd Streets.

• Copeland Street Transit Mall is served by Petaluma Transit and SF Bay Transit.

• Take the SMART Train to Petaluma Downtown Station.

• Walk or run from home and add some miles!

Run Event Info


The 2.5 mile run starts at Steamer Landing Park at 8:30am. The course wraps around the tidal pond and heads south to the Petaluma River Park. Veering left, the course follows the pathway at the river’s edge, past the famous DiSuvero sculpture, Huru, and loops 3 times. The final loop leads back to the David Yearsley River Heritage Center for refreshments. The trails are open to strollers, dogs on leash, runners and walkers of all speeds.

• Please bring your own water bottle. This is a waste free event. Water will be available at the finish.

• Have some fun and dress up like your favorite native fish, bird, mammal, amphibian, insect, or plant species

People 2019 Turkey Trot

You might find sheep grazing and wildflowers blooming. Join the gathering at the end of the course to learn more about the work of Friends of the River and Petaluma River Park. Participate in the 10am forming of the human spiral and be in the aerial photo.


Inspired by the joy and desire to run the Petaluma River edges, the River Run is the brainchild of MAD architecture with support from Aqus Community and the City of Petaluma Parks and Recreation to raise awareness and celebrate access to open space achieved by Friends of the River and Petaluma River Park.


We have a vision for the Petaluma River Run. We see it crossing the strait with a bridge extending down river on new trails that will offer a 10k course. It starts with this event and your support. Please donate when you register and all proceeds will be shared equally with Friends of the River and Petaluma River Park.

Run Organizers

MAD events produces free and fun community runs to raise awareness of public access to the Petaluma River Watershed in support of well-being, fitness and health for people and the natural environment.

Friends of the Petaluma RiverOur mission is to celebrate the Petaluma Watershed through education and stewardship; because every great River needs a true Friend. Our Goals: Access, Education, and Conservation

Petaluma River Park Foundation – The mission of the Petaluma River Park Foundation is to meet our vital need for shared space that connects people, art, and nature. When we succeed, the River Park will be a vibrant, welcoming place that fosters a love of nature, sparks creativity, and unifies our community for generations to come.

Aqus Community Foundation is dedicated to cultivating a sense of belonging and fostering strong connections among individuals. Through our carefully curated events and activities, we strive to build a vibrant community where people can come together, engage in meaningful conversations, establish genuine connections, and develop trust. Our events are designed to create inclusive spaces where everyone feels welcome and valued, contributing to the development of a resilient and supportive community fabric.