Keller Court Community Building

This commons building is a 520sf community building that is shared by the residents of a pocket neighborhood. Along with the surrounding amenities of patio and bocce court, the clubhouse functions as a gathering space for planned potlucks and events or for spontaneous get togethers with neighbors.
The low profile structure was hunkered down into the existing slope to maintain the views from the surrounding homes. This terracing creates a secluded area so events can be private with minimal impact on the community. The Patio is covered with a wisteria filled trellis to provide summer shade and aids in visual screening.
As the centerpiece of the courtyard, the clubhouse was conceived as a colorful jewel. This was achieved by collaborating with local artist Jenny Lynn Hall who used the view of Sonoma Mountain as inspiration for her colored lime plaster panels. This high chroma combined with the shou sugi ban blackened cedar panels creates a graphic display reminiscent of the artist, Sol LeWitt, also an inspiration.


Petaluma, Sonoma County, CA

Residential Design

Photography: The Morrisons