Brewsters Beer Garden Bar and Restaurant Petaluma

Our Petaluma Restaurant Design for Brewsters Beer Garden transformed a sketchy parking lot into an attraction. This was the result of creating a dining garden for people of all ages. And equally important we re-interpreted the meaning of Main Street, built small, and created usable open space. Thereby Brewsters brings life to this neglected but magical river and industrial area.
We applied three concepts to create the main building. Firstly we visually extended the park across the street. Secondly we blocked the prevailing wind. And thirdly we framed the full view of Dairymen’s Feed, which is the town’s tallest structure and icon.
The site was the home of the Petaluma Incubator Factory. And the remaining historic walls define the south and north edges of the original building. We set the dining structure inside these walls. The roof of the main building is level with the sidewalk, and as a result we resolved it naturally as a living roof.


Petaluma, Sonoma County, CA

PCBC 2019 Gold Nugget Award for Best Commercial Design Project

Photography: The Morrisons