Architecture in Balance with nature is FORTHCOMING in Santa Rosa

The importance of Architecture that is in balance with nature is forthcoming: The Santa Rosa art installation FORTHCOMING was a winner in the Redwood Empire AIA PSr1 Design/Build Competition for emerging professionals. It was a temporary ‘Pop-up’ installation in Santa Rosa Courthouse square, where it was displayed for 4 days. The designer Joseph Dooley Lynch of MAD architecture is fresh out of the Architecture program of CAL Poly San Luis Obispo.
Specifically, “Forthcoming” is a partially enclosed human respite from urban surroundings. It emanates from a nine-section radial plan with plywood ribs and a twig weave. Forthcoming, by definition, is uninhibited, expressive and made available when wanted or needed. Evoking a primitive shelter, a giant basket or a nest, the organic nature of the willow waddle is bound by multi-ply ribs that are CNC cut to shape. The ribs are the support for the plywood bench and fit into slots in the plywood platform. Only two materials are employed in this structure – Plywood and Willow. While we sought to find a balance of nature and technology for delight and buildability, the solution is about contrasts. Radial Form/ Urban Grid Sticks/ Pre-Cut

The Willow was harvested from the banks of Lichau Creek in Cotati.
After being chosen, Joseph Lynch and Chris Lynch spent 2 weeks refining the design, willow harvesting, fabricating and building the 9 separate pieces at HOPEBUILT shop in Petaluma.
They then transported the pieces to the square. It was assembled 45 minutes!

Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, CA

Outdoor Design / Art installation

Winner in the Redwood Empire AIA PSr1 Design/Build Competition for emerging professionals