11th Annual Petaluma Turkey Trot & Food Drive!

Thanksgiving Day   –  Thursday, November 23, 2017   –   Start Time: 8:30 AM

PARTICIPANTS MUST SIGN LIABILITY WAIVER  (Please click here to sign & accept digitally)

Start / Finish Location: McNear Park Parking Lot

Don’t forget to bring your canned foods for the donation!

Trot Info

The 10th Annual Petaluma Turkey Trot is scheduled for Thanksgiving morning for a 8:30 am sharp start! It’s healthy, social and fun!  (minimal registration, no medals, but yes a hat!) Runners, trotters, walkers of all ages are welcome. New Offerings: Warm up at 8:15am and Yoga around 10am. Feel free to come in turkey-wear! Maps will be provided at start of race – not that they ever helped. We will have volunteers this year to point the way.

Trot History

302711_385102768233476_1924577671_nThe basic idea is simple, but you grew! Minimal registration, minimal volunteers, and this year only – hats for the first 300. Just running or walking with community and feeling darn good about the calorie burn before the big feast. The first year a group of 20 runners came out. The third year we had about 50 trotters. The 9th year was our biggest yet with over 300 trotters and we filled the Redwood Empire Food Bank barrel 10 times over! You may have heard that people get lost in Helen Putnam Park and it’s all true! But eventually they found their way back to the start and possibly burned extra calories. More pumpkin pie for those who run extra.

The Course

The concept of the 4 mile walk and the 10K run is to try to get people to end the run/ walk at the same general time. That way there will more people at McNear Park to give out high fives and hugs. This year we will have volunteers directing at every intersection that isn’t totally obvious.

4 mile Route Map: If you walk this, you might arrive at the finish when the majority of the 6 mile runners get back. If you trot or run this, you might hang out for a while and take some photos of incoming walkers/ runners and send them to this site. [ download map ]

6 mile-ish Route Map: The ish is because we sometimes get inspired and add a little more or less to the course or people get lost. If you walk this, it will take a long time and we will not wait for you because we’ve got a turkey to roast. Just know that we wish you the best. [ download map ]

Food Drive

Bring your cans, pasta and cereal to help our Food Drive for the Redwood Empire Food Bank – the largest provider of food to people in need in Sonoma County. We will have a big orange barrel or two that holds 200 pounds of food for this cause. A full barrel provides the food necessary to feed a family of four for two weeks.

Most Needed Food Items:

  • A check made out to Redwood Empire Food Bank
  • Canned Tuna and Chicken
  • Beans and Rice
  • Canned Soups
  • Canned Fruits
  • Boxed and Canned Juices
  • Peanut Butter
  • Pasta
  • Canned Stews
  • Canned Vegetables
  • Breakfast Cereal

(Please no homemade foods or glass).


You. Me. Us. Redwood Empire Food Bank.


You. It’s just a group run. Be careful and help your fellow trotters.


We need your photos! Feel free to hang around after for some quick photos. Please take some of your own and send them to this site for next year. We want to post the Turkey Trot community to inspire more to come out.

View Turkey Trot photos on Facebook.

 Trot Organizer

MAD Architecture, Mary Dooley and Chris Lynch

Many thanks to the City of Petaluma / Parks and Recreation Department, Sonoma County Regional Parks, KaiaFit –  and Athletic Soles –  and our awesome volunteers like Chris and Joseph Lynch, Kyla Ehrenreich, Mike Simpson, Tennis Wick, Annee Knight, Ginny and Genene Pedrotti, Holly Wick, Alma Rodoni, Drew Halter, Kaia Fit members and Luma Fitness members who help folks find their way.